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We are Weed Girls. There were girls playing in the pool and girls in bikinis dancing with the DJ. Everyone (and everything) at the party was smoking a joint. You’ll find the most random girls that purchase it—very shy girls that don’t even smoke pot. In reality, they are some of the best girls to be around, for many reasons. Though we’ve explored the reasons girls who smoke weed might be attracted to cannabis, the truth is that women don’t need validation on their preference any more than men. The weed store that I go to is run by a bunch of beautiful girls who are so sweet.

Because girls who smoke weed tend to be free spirits, they often get labeled as trouble-makers. Girls are more likely to sleep around at university if they smoke cannabis, according to a new study. Among the same age group, 730,000 girls started smoking cigarettes in 2004, compared with 565,000 boys, and 675,000 girls starting using marijuana, compared with 577,000 boys, the survey found.

Dope girls always has quality product and good prices. We had the pleasure of hanging out with Big Mike not once, but twice, each time at a different mansion filled with weed and girls.

Hopefully these girls have already been identified and arrested for their illegal activity. Most girls on Craigslist are overweight, if not morbidly obese.

Many of the girls she met at the shelter and at parties also traveled south to trim on marijuana farms. Following in the footsteps of Willie Nelson and his weed company , the Merle Haggard Marijuana line will be aptly named Merle’s Girls. As expected, there were tons of girls at the party and literally not enough guys in the room to talk to them. On Instagram, he’s known as the Marijuana Don — something of a Dan Bilzerian ” of weed whose mansions (yes, he has multiple) always seem to be filled with girls in bikinis and tons of marijuana. Follow the show on Twitter @StonerGirlDiary and the girls themselves @WhiteGirlisDope and @h3y_maa.

Stoner Girl Diary is exactly what you think it is: a video diary starring two, well, stoner girls named Biz and Mari just kicking the shit and smoking weed. Don’t act like Koreans never smoked weed or don’t know how to handle weed, because Koreans have been smoking that ganja for 2000 years. The same people that smoke now were smoking it before it was legal.

Girls who are fit and good-looking rarely have to resort to Craigslist personals. Remember that most of the girls on Craigslist personals are selfish, needy, and not so nice. One of my friends reports two different girls who eventually did satisfying hook-ups with him when he responded to their Craigslist 420 adverts.

In Colorado when weed became legal, it’s not like everyone in the state started smoking. Of the youths surveyed in 2004, 14.4 percent of girls and 12.5 percent of boys reported misusing prescription drugs.

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